Built Smart From The Start

Transforming the modular sector through manufacturing and technology

True innovation
means breaking
the norms.

Modular construction
engineered to

Manufactured housing
for speed and

Innovation and proprietary technology allow us to increase building
productivity and predictability in every aspect of the building cycle.

About Praxis Modular

The Future of Construction Starts Here

Praxis Modular is a technologically advanced manufacturer specializing in volumetric modular building solutions. Our manufacturing process utilizes the latest automation principles to assure quality, reliability, and flexibility. The company’s high standards for technology, green materials, and lean manufacturing allows Praxis to deliver precision, timeliness, and innovative designs to every modular project.

Standardized Process

Automotive Manufacturing Principles

For decades lean manufacturing processes have been used predominantly in the automotive industry. Now Praxis Modular brings manufacturing to the construction world. Building thousands of spaces every year, Praxis uses manufacturing technology to advance the production of thousands of living spaces, assuring perfection and high construction standards never seen before.

Product Range

Building Better. Building Smarter.

Our product gamma spans from wood and light gauge steel to structural steel, and everything in between. The higher quality on each product type delivers higher precision, bespoke alternatives, and competitive pricing.


Modern Smart Building Solutions

With countless constructions firms across North America, it is difficult at times to identify the perfect solution. But at Praxis Modular, true innovation is at the core of the company’s operations. It means we’ve streamlined, rethought, and continuously evolved in designs methods, manufacturing processes, clever transportations, intelligent technologies, and assembly processes. At Praxis Modular, the company doesn’t just lead the modular movement. It sets the trend, processes, and foundations for the built sector to follow and adapt as standard.

Type: Volumetric|Address: 261 Lake Street|Year: 2022


Projects built to last.

Take a look at Auden Ithaca, located at 261 Lake Street. A student housing community is located near Cornell University. The custom exterior façade resembles modularity and a contemporary environment for students and area professionals alike.

Building Smart from the Start.

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