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Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency

At Praxis Modular, we stand by our commitments. Our success depends on us creating happy customers. This allows us to develop new customers and foster long-term relationships.

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The gold standard for modular construction.


Modular fabrication utilizing the latest computerized robots.


Praxis Modular provides you with the best modular construction and building solution for your project. Our combined team has over 75 years of experience in the modular industry, and we can successfully get you to the finish line on your project. We understand the process from beginning to end.  We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to manufacturer your building in our 310,000 sq. ft facility whether it is light gauge steel or wood.



Using the latest manufacturing processes and strict quality control, we make sure that your project exceeds your expectations.


We have assembled the top talent in the modular construction industry. With over 75 years of collective experience, we are at the top.

On Time

At Praxis Modular, we take pride in being on time, every time. We meet your schedule within the time we promised.

On Budget

Better controlled costs since all your finishes are selected before production.


We believe in collaboration; that’s why we work closely with your team of architects, engineers, and contractors.


Our modular designs and products are brought to reality using the latest in robotics and software technologies.


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Why we are the gold standard

Praxis Modular has a 310,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Central, PA. We have the capacity, speed, and quality assurance to provide you with the building you expect, on time and on budget. We are the only manufacturer that produces both light gauge steel and modular wood buildings. In addition, we are the only manufacturer that produces and delivers “true” light gauge steel in the eastern United States. 
What We Do
Praxis, New York office

“At Praxis Modular, we believe in fostering long-term growth with our customers. We do this by being detail oriented and by using the highest quality products and materials.”

— Gloria Westgate

        Chief Business Development Officer, Praxis Modular

Market Sectors

Praxis Modular can produce high quality buildings across different market sectors.

Active Portfolio

Praxis Modular delivers expertise across a wide range of market sectors.

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We are focused on our customers

At Praxis Modular, we center our customers at our core to deliver striking buildings and surpass their expectations.

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