Diving Into The Future
of Construction

From start-ups to academics, we reimagine the construction world around us.


Praxis iCenter catalyzes new possibilities and foster forward-thinking ideas.


Bringing together start-ups, academics, and industry teams.


Supporting teams, projects, and initiatives with state-of-the-art facilities.


Praxis Modular iCenter

We bring organizations, startups, and academics to enable new technologies to be born in the construction sector. From accelerating and developing new techniques to testing the future of construction in our Labs, the teams work with a common goal of solving problems in design and construction for generations to come.


Praxis Software Technology

Autonomation is at the core and heart of the Praxis manufacturing process. The autonomous approach allows intelligent machines to stop producing if defects are being made.

Praxis also innovates with proprietary software to allow the company to interconnect all of a project’s components, processes, and team members.

WE INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY INTO OUR PROCESS, from BIM to logistics management programs, in ways never seen before.


Praxis Manufacturing Philosophy

Praxis implements and reimagines the manufacturing process through the automotive sector. Praxis philosophy is reflected in The Toyota Production System.

Praxis and The Toyota Production System (TPS) demonstrate the company’s ability to innovate, outsmart competitors, reduce timescales and cost structure. For example, TPS allows Praxis to;

Deliver outstanding quantity control

enables the company systems to adapt to daily and monthly fluctuations in demand for quantity and variety.

Provide quality assurance, which assures

that each company process will supply only good units to subsequent processes.

Develop and lead respect for humanity,

which is cultivated while the system utilizes human resources to attain cost objectives.


Praxis Green Intelligence

Praxis is building a more sustainable world through proprietary technologies, sustainability products, building intelligence, and component tracking, enabling safer, healthier, and more resilient buildings.

Opposite to conventional construction methods, Praxis advanced manufacturing assembly allows for low carbon emissions, intelligent recycling materials, and a drastic reduction in construction waste.


Praxis Design Potentials

We apply generative design to generate layout designs for modular construction in complex buildings or structures at Praxis.

Integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Generative Design allow us to generate design layouts with evaluations from constructability perspectives.

Committed to innovation, design methodologies, and digital tools such as generative design will continue to best support the creation of innovative ways to break ground where nowhere else can.


“By prioritizing ideas, mitigating risk, and providing efficiencies, Praxis adopts modular construction in ways previously not possible.”

Jeffrey Amengual
President, CEO