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Building the most compelling modular company of the 21st century.

Smarter buildings. Smarter technology.

Visionary & Sustainable Approach.

Reinventing Construction Through Manufacturing.

In a Nutshell

Praxis was established in May 2020 in response to frustrations in the construction sector. As a technologically advanced manufacturer specializing in volumetric modular building solutions, we aid construction projects by accelerating and automating traditional design, production, and operational processes.

Praxis brings true meaning to the word SMART to every aspect of the modular construction sector.

Smart in every aspect.

Building the most compelling modular company of the 21st century by leading the world’s transition to modular construction and home innovation is not just our mission. It is how we accelerate solutions to people’s living ecosystems.

Building Integrated Sensors. Real-time Predictive Analysis. Real-time Data.

Unmatchable Approach

Praxis is committed to developing new solutions and a forward-thinking approach to the manufacturing process through robotics, automation, and AI technologies within the next decade.

In other words, Praxis exists to transform construction through manufacturing and technology.

01. Praxis philosophy is reflected in The Toyota Production System.

02. We strive to reduce the industry’s environmental impact as a fundamental motivation behind our existence.

03. We challenge the status quo. We integrate technology into building in ways never seen before.


Praxis is conscious that the number No.1 cause of climate change is construction, which is why we lead with purpose, constantly seeking avenues to incorporate sustainable practices into most building options.

Relentless Approach

We are building a better and more sustainable world through proprietary technologies, sustainability products, building intelligence, and component tracking, enabling safer, healthier, and more resilient buildings.


“By prioritizing ideas, mitigating risk, and providing efficiencies, Praxis adopts modular construction in ways previously not possible.”

Jeffrey Amengual
President, CEO